Green - Our Natural Legacy


Our company name takes on added significance when it comes to protecting and preserving the environment. We take the lead to make sure we are doing everything possible to minimize our impact on the world we leave to future generations.

Green Products
FSC Certified all-wood shakes and shingles; metal roofing with BASF Ultra-cool coatings; natural slate; single-ply PVC; and GAF Elk Prestique Cool Color Series. From traditional to revolutionary, these roofing options offer homeowners a wide range of energy-efficient, long-lasting roofs that complement practically any style and color of home.

Fuel-efficient Vehicles
Trucks are a necessity in the roofing business, but the kind of truck you use has a major impact on your environmental footprint. Legacy's fleet includes fuel-efficient vehicles such as Dodge Sprinters, which get up to 25 miles per gallon.

Mobile Showrooms & Management Offices
Using efficient vehicles is good; using them less is even better. Legacy utilizes mobile facilities equipped with the tools and technology to minimize road trips for both employees and customers.

Legacy installs standard, custom and tubular skylights that bring the natural light and warmth of the sun into any room to help reduce the need for heat and electric lighting. EnergyStar® glass helps regulate temperature in any season.

Insulating your home can cut your heat loss by as much as 75% and can generate savings of up to 30% in your energy bill alone. The attic is the most important area of your home to insulate as it will provide the fastest and greatest return on your insulation investment.

Legacy recycles approximately 90% of the old roofing materials removed from customer's homes, which totaled more than 3 million pounds in 2007.

Built Green
As an active Built Green contractor, Legacy is committed to improving the quality of life by ensuring that materials and practices promote health and safety at home and help protect the beauty and sustainability of the Pacific Northwest environment.